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Chicago Painting Specialist is a new company in Chicago operated by it's owner Alexie Ayala who has 30 years of experience.

​ He has satisfied customers in four differents countries and all over the states. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management.

Alexie is always present in each project, hands on, with his workers. 

We cover all areas of the industry of Home Renovation

We are committed to helping you with the improvements and maintenance of your house. It can be from a regular paint work, to adding/removing walls to renovating your floor, kitchen, and bathrooms.


We can restore hardwood flooring, and install any type of flooring and carpet. 

Door, Trim installations, Hvac, and welding jobs are also available.


We also will help you design your new renovation, choose colors and brands.  We also sale and install cabinets distributed by J&K Cabinetry which are a great quality at a great price!  

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